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Our objective is to be the best electronic solutions group in our region to provide the highest quality service, repair and supplies   readily available to our clientele with the highest integrity because WE HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SERVE.



Damai Jitu Marine: The Intelligent Choice for Electronic Solutions

We are committed to become a world class leader in our markets through the highest quality and performance with a primary emphasis on making technology and application available and accessible to the people.

We believe that excellence is achieved through :

1.  Focus on customer needs.

2.  Passion to detail.

3.  Determination in serving towards excellence.



Quality :

Well-trained-experienced specialists committed to exceed customer's expectations for long term growth

Technopreneurial Team Spirit :

Best of class group who are able to align their skills, and take on the collaborative approach, both internally and externally.

Responsibility :

Responsible towards customers, employees and communities in which it does business

Commitment :

To be dedicated to excellence quality to earn the trust and firm belief in the excellence of our service to customers.

Respect and Dignity :

To treat our customer with respect and dignity, rendering our service full heartedly and fast to our customers.






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